Ageless is the cry of all mankind, we who wander the desert in vain.

We are fearless yet forget to heed the call of those who've walked ahead.

シキ [shiki]
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Character: Shiki [シキ].

Series: Togainu no Chi [咎狗の血].

Version: Mid-game.

Age: Twenty-six.

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: He is only interested in one.

Appearance: Black, black, and more black.

Shiki has jet-black hair with a bluish shine that runs to his jaw line, with a slight curl inward to frame his cheeks, accented by strikingly bright red eyes. He’s not too tall (5’9”-ish), but can be pretty imposing due to the way he moves (fluid and gracefully, like a panther), as well as his deep, smooth voice, and that long sword he totes about. He’s handsome in a smooth, sleek sort of way, very much a “pretty boy," although it's obvious he can hold his own.

He almost always has a PVC jacket; it has short sleeves (lined with silver stitching around the ends) but the hemline of the article reaches down to the backs of his calves; it’s collar is high and folds over to the middle of his shoulders. Beneath the coat is a plain black shirt with a turtleneck, with sleeves running to the middle of his biceps. He wears pants of the same style and material as the jacket, with the same silver stitching about the thighs, akin to his sleeves. Additionally, there are black gloves that reach up to his elbows, and covering that, studded bracelets on his wrists. On his hips there is a belt, studded as well, with an odd almost heart shape in the middle. Around his throat are several necklaces, two of which have differently styled crosses on them.

Personality: Egotistical and aloof, Shiki doesn't possess many admirable traits yet manages to remain morbidly alluring in the way he speaks and moves. His mind has been slowly chipped away at due to his obsessions with power and control, as well as his unquenchable thirst for revenge, but he’s handsome in a tragic sort of way, which draws people to him. His morals have been stripped away, and he’s lost concern for everything that’s truly important—family, friends, love—none of it is precious to him anymore. Not even life itself… except his own, of course.

Shiki has a distinct… dominating streak; there is nothing that pleases him more than taking control of someone else. He loves pinning others down underneath his thumb, and if they squirm, he only loves it more. The process of breaking someone down, slowly, bit by bit, fascinates him.

He's generally cold, selfish, and pokerfaced—unless he's got his mind on a few particular subjects that please him (causing others pain, controlling them, the Nicole Virus, just a few examples). Nothing seems to hold his interest, and it’s rare he’ll idle with irrelevant past times that don’t somehow contribute to him reaching the goals he’s set for his life.

He is possessive, and obviously, possesses one-track mind. It’s hard to get him off of something once he’s set in his ways, and there is virtually nothing that can stop him from getting what he wants—maybe because if he can’t attain it, he’ll simply destroy it. If he can’t enjoy it, no one will.

Shiki is impressively fast and strong, and possesses a sharp wit. It’s not easy to fool him, and is quite headstrong, not one to give up easily, or at all. In addition to that, he wields what appears to be a katana, a Japanese-style sword. It’s about four and a half feet long and fairly plain, with a simple black hilt, but he prides himself in making the most of such a simple weapon. Also, should he come in contact with Nicole: Premiere (further explained in his history), he has the ability to become the “perfect soldier,” an emotionless and skilled killing machine, because his body takes to the Nicole Virus perfectly.

He’s a human (so long as he stays away from Nicole: Premiere). In Paixao, everyone seems to possess some magical abilities or some such, but Shiki has absolutely no experience or knowledge of esoteric things like summons and mages and the like. All he knows is that he’s a very powerful human and would be quite at a disadvantage in a fight with most of the individuals who rely on special powers or summons in Paixao.

The man’s past remains a mystery to everyone (especially those who wish to know of it), and he has yet had any desire to disclose it. He’ll never speak of what happened before or what “crime he had committed” to land him into prison and on the road to Igura, but your best bet is to probably assume he’s just another victim of circumstance and the aftermath of World War III. He’s only interested in sharing his secrets with one particular individual.

Before Igura, Shiki fought in the war. His unit stood against the Nicole Project’s most successful experiment, Nicole: Premiere (the perfect soldier), "N," and was defeated. He became a prisoner of war and was held captive for a few years until the war had ended.

It was then he was given the opportunity to participate in Igura, a tournament that takes place in Toshima, Japan in a quadrant designated “AREA: RAY.” Igura is a chance for prisoners to “redeem” themselves; their prize is freedom, in addition to gaining power over the narcotics organization that the Il-Re runs, and thus have pretty much total control over CFC, the half of Japan that AREA: RAY, Toshima is located in.

The participant starts with one dog tag, with a card symbol on it (such as a Queen of Hearts or something like that), and their goal is to collect a royal flush of tags (by battling but never killing other players), in addition to ten full houses. Only then will the participant be deemed the “winner” of Igura.

He happily accepted the offer. Shiki saw it as an opportunity to take avenge for his defeat and vowed to become the perfect soldier to outshine Nicole: Premiere, to quite possibly expose himself to the Nicole Virus, and to use Nicole: Null, Akira, to destroy N's powers and make sure Akira wasn’t used to get in his own way. Shiki is a perfect carrier for the virus, just like N's body was before he became Nicole: Premiere, therefore also has the potential to become it as well.

Shiki, for the past few years, has been participating in the game. Thus far, he’s managed to establish himself as one of it’s most feared participants, and his name is widely known throughout Japan. He’s only halfway to his goal, however—he’s still looking for Nicole: Premiere and Nicole: Null.

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This journal is not real. It is a roleplay journal for paixaorpg, and Shiki is played by roaring. Shiki is owned by the crazy people at Nitro+chiral, and the concept of Kingdom Hearts is owned by Disney and Square-Enix.